BSA, musical alter ego for Miguel Bernardo, a Portuguese producer, and DJ. This is a project born from his passion for electronic music production, combined with the fast and distorted rhythms from Drum and Bass and everything around it. First started djing in the emerging movement in Oporto and Braga using only vinyl and helping the scene to establish but he always aimed to the production side of the scene having with the goal to release his music and play it live. After a few years trying to learn and create his sound, the first solo release comes in Yellow-Stripe Recordings at the time a new Portuguese drum and bass label. The release was on the b side of one big collaboration between Gancher, Ruin, and Nanotek, which put his name on the Scene. Later came a few solo EP ́s on big labels in the scene like Yellow Stripe, PRSPCT, Mindocracy, Culture Assault, Harder & Louder amongst others. During that time he has been a member of yellow stripe crew playing in almost every event made in Portugal alongside the biggest names in the drum n bass, crossbreed and hardcore scene. Some of the tracks he produced are considered classics in the genre as are the cases of “Dream On”; “Clubwalker”; “Femme Fatale” and “Give me your love” and also big collaboration tracks with CA.2.k., Fragz and Erre. His particular mix of dark and heavy sounds with musical elements created one own identity and the international presence has been rising since then, playing regularly on big events throughout Europe. For the future big releases are planned so keep your eyes on the project.