Spookane started his DJ career in 2006.
The same year he started with his drum & bass label ‘Future Sickness Records’.
This gained him some exposure in the drum & bass world and played around Europe as well as the Benelux.
He played on numerous events such as PRSPCT, Dance Parade, Smackdown, ...

In 2010 he started his terror label together with The Untitled and the events Mindfuck. With his terror live show, he played on parties in Belgium, Italy , and the Netherlands. He also hosted parties together with Noisekick in the legendary ‘Cherry Moon’.

Known for his live shows where he combines breakbeats with up-tempo electronic music.
Spookane is available for following acts:

Spookane & N.D.M: drum & bass, Darkstep (DJ set)
Future Sickness Live: crossbreed, industrial (live act)
Spookane: terror (live act)
Xtreme Audio Violence live: terror (live act)

Owner of Future Sickness Records (Drum n Bass/Crossbreed) and Xtreme Audio Violence (Terror/speedcore).