Trebor is a 25 year old producer who was born and raised in Ede, The Netherlands. Began DJing in 2008 and started producing in 2012. I graduated from the Graphic Lyceum in Utrecht and the SAE Institute in Amsterdam. I have a passion for both music and film. Being able to combine these two passions motivates me to improve myself and the projects I’m working on and is also something that I try to incorporate into my music thus making my tracks have a lot of cinematic/film scoring elements. Doing work as a sound designer also helps a lot with coming up with inspiration for my music.

After releasing a few tracks on my own I contacted ‘Harder & Louder recordings’, as well as Battle Audio Recordings’, to release a few tracks on their labels. Producing has become some sort of a second nature to me. Mainly because I see producing not just as something you do behind your computer, but also when your watching tv or walking through a city. In the back of your head you’re constantly storing or composing parts of sounds you hear, which can later on be used in a production. I think that is what I love most about audio engineering. Being fully aware of something that is constantly around you, sound, but also being able to shape it into a new concept or idea.