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Mental Breakdown & Future Sickness invites PRSPCT - Future Sickness Records Mental Breakdown & Future Sickness invites PRSPCT - Future Sickness Records


  • Mental Breakdown & Future Sickness invites PRSPCT


    October 12 - 10:00 pm


    October 13 - 06:00 am


    Future Sickness Records

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    Ezelstraat 47
    8000 Brugge

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    Mental Breakdown & Future Sickness invites: PRSPCT
    ► STYLE
    Drum & Bass / Crossbreed / Hardcore


    For this event we do a joint effort between Future Sickness records and the Mental Breakdown crew to invite the most popular dnb concept PRSPCT!!
    The popularity of the party’s and the reputation it acquired over the years reaches far beyond the borders of Europe. Now you have a chance to taste a piece of the mad PRSPCT machine for yourself. Prepare yourself, hold on and strap yourself tight to your hospital bed because a Mental Breakdown is on his way!!

    ►DEATHMACHINE (Rebelscum) UK

    Deathmachine’s love for hard dark music started way back in the early 90’s where his imagination was captured by the then relatively young hardcore scene. He attended many of the big UK raves over the following years and became addicted to the new sound that had arrived.

    To further connect with the music, he started DJing in 1998 and over the following years began carving a unique sound for himse…lf. Always dancefloor oriented, but with an experimental edge, his sets earned him bookings from all the major promotors across the UK.

    A few years later and now a respected name on the UK DJ circuit, he took it to the next level. In 2001, he began producing, aiming to capture energy and rawness along with the continuing dark vibe. Since then, he has released on some of the worlds most respected industrial hardcore labels such as Deathchant, Rebelscum and Pacemaker and played at many events across Europe.



    LOWROLLER (Prspct, Future Sickness) IT

    Straight out of the angry suburbs of Milan, Lowroller is constantly pushing his hardcore drum & bass sounds to new heights avoiding musical stereotypes while always having an eye on the dancefloor! Has released on both Future Sickness and Prspct Records.

    A word from the DJ: I’ve been producing since several years already, releasing as D-Tox on most notable frenchcore labels. Tired of being caged by hardcore’s rules I decided to find myself a new musical environment where I could continue to develop my own creations, since the gabba crowd would’ve not understand this new musical direction a new identity was born: Lowroller.

    Shif…ting from these two ongoing projects is going to allow me to keep the most experimental and broken side of sound I like for this newborn name without renouncing to the kind of sound I stood in these years for. When I started looking for a home for Lowroller, Nekrolog1k, together with Cerebral Destruction, was just the place to be! Now that everything has settled down as Lowroller I can look to the feature and…Can’t wait to break it into pieces!



    ►SWITCH TECHNIQUE (Prspct, Future Sickness) PL

    Dominik Piechocki aka Switch Technique, is a drum and bass producer from Pniewy, Poland. Over the last few years, he has emerged as one of the leading forces in Polish Drum and Bass movement. Switch Technique has releases on Future sickness records and Prspct recordings

    His adventure with music began in 1999 from the game “Extream G2”, the soundtrack of which was his the first encounter with the above mentioned phenomenon, commonly known as Drum and Bass. While exploring billions of broken sounds Dominik began experimenting with software in the search of the perfect beat and his individual approach to music resulted in a one-of-a-kind style. His individual and collaborated releases are fresh, fully packed with energy and the harder ones are influenced by Hardcore sounds.
    Since his first record release, his tunes have been dance floor killers tracklisted by the biggest and most influential Dj’s such as Evol Intent, The Panacea, Limewax, DJ Hidden, Eye-D, Masheen, and freaking many others. After more than a decade with handfuls of releases, hundreds of hours spent on perfecting his standout sound there has come a time for his fascination of Hardcore to take him to a whole new level of music production.

    Switch technique has created a new unique and completely fresh production standard defined by combination Hardcore and Drum and Bass. simultaneously, he’s pushing his ideas of regular DNB which he loves to interpret and translate into hard oriented techstep and darkstep. Switch Technique is also busy as a label co-owner of newborn UNION RECORDINGS which will to heave into view more hearbraking releases from himself and some of the leading scene artists, such as The Outside Agency, Machine Code aka Current Value and Dean Rodell, Cooh, Lethal or Lucio De Rimanez.



    ►THRASHER (Prspct) NL

    2 years ago he stunned the Mental Breakdown crowd with his fast, hard and refreshing set at the end of the evening. Now he is back to tremble the eardrums once again!

    A word from the DJ: I DJ dark fucked up Drum’n Bass + bit of Hardcore all over Europe under the name: “DJ Thrasher”. I run the drum’n bass label PRSPCT recordings and organise the PRSPCT party’s in and outside of Rotterdam. Also started to produce and things are slowly taking shape on that front.



    ►SPOOKANE Live (Future Sickness, Lost Frequency) BE

    Spookane’s, love for music started off with an initiation into the hardcore scene. The harsh industrial sounds drew him in but he soon tired of the four to the floor beats and started mixing Hip-hop. Structurally compelling though he found it, he longed for the speed and darkness that he had found in Darkcore. He fell in love with it, as it combined break beats with up-tempo electronic music, and submerged himself in the genre completely.

    Owner of Future Sickness records and Lost Frequency recordings

    ►CRAVER (Mental Breakdown, musick)

    CraveR started Dj’ing around 2007, mixing the darker styles of drum and bass and technoid. Not so much later he decided to take it up a notch by adding a 3rd deck to his performances, pushing his sound to evolve to a varied mix of dark drum and bass, industrial hardtechno, hardcore & hard-hitting crossbreeds.”

    Factor/Entrepot (Binnenweg 8) – BRUGES – BELGIUM

    ► TIME
    22:00 – 6:00

    ► PRESALE TICKETS: 8€ (+fee!!)
    ONLINE= https://frontoffice.paylogic.nl/flows/MTAuMTA4LjAuMzQsNTQsZWJhYTA0NGJjNDY0NDlkNjk3ZWZkYzgwNjEzYWE3MjAsNmZjMmRlZTNjOGQzYjI5NjM0ZTNmMjgxYmNhNDVmYWQ/Tickets/

    tickets nu ook te koop in de snuffel voor 8 € GEEN FEE!!!!!
    Ezelstraat 47
    8000 Brugge

    slechts op enkele minuten wandelen van de free record shop



    22u00 – 23u: Craver

    23u00 – 00u00: Spookane

    00u00 – 1u30: Swith Technique

    01u30 – 03u00: Lowroller

    03u00 – 04u30: Deathmachine

    04u30 – 06 u: Thrasher