Sickcast Vol. 25 by Proton Kid


1.Volatile Cycle - Punisher (FREE)
2.Red Pill & Zombie Cats - Red Cat (Eatbrain)
3.Transforma - Annihilate (Future Sickness)
4.Proton Kid - ID
5.Proton Kid & Sequential - Not Real (Forthcoming Close 2 Death)
6.Optiv, CZA, Inward, Hanzo & Randie - Knucle Head (Cause4Concern)
7.Hanzo & Inward - N-Talk (Cause4Concern)
8.Proton Kid & Sequential - Cranks (LoudNoiz Music FREE)
9.Proton Kid - ID
10.Damage Inc - Psycho Circus (The Clamps Remix) (Future Sickness)
11.Triamer & Nagato feat. Savage - Colombo (PRSPCT)
12.Merikan - Superficial Extent (PRSPCT)
13.Kursiva - Hydra (Kinetik)
14.Hybris - Uproot (Dispatch)
15.Current Value - Tremor (Yellow Stripe)
16.Katharsys - Trainwreck (Synthakt Remix) (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
17.Sinister Sols & Cooh - Fight For More (PRSPCT)
18.Fragz & Cooh - Need To Go (Position Chrome)
19.Gancher & Ruin vs Splasheads - Technodrone (Future Sikness)
20.Proton Kid - Glitchcraft (Zteren Recordings)
21.NPhonix - Sever (Eye-D & Counterstrike Remix) (Algorythm)
22.Proton Kid - Shotgun (LoudNoiz Music FREE)
23.Proton Kid - Giants (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
24.Proton Kid - Get Out (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
25.Proton Kid - Hideaway (Giveaway Track)
26.Absurd - Mekanizm (Forthcoming Future Sickness)
27.Proton Kid - Another Galaxy (Forthcoming Perkussiv)
28.Current Value - Permafrost (Subsistenz)
29.Donny - Ten Tone Hammer (Katharsys Remix) (Othercide)
30.Proton Kid - Scare (C.A.2K Remix)(unreleased)
31.Signal - Descent (Critical)
32.Smooth - Device (RAM)
33.Hallucinator - Voodoo (Yellow Stripe)
34.Proton Kid - Nietzsche (Insane Records)
35.Detest - Brave the storm (Limewax & Trasher Remix) (PRSPCT)
36.The Clamps - In The Depths (Heresy)