Skim & Jdam


Hard hitting kicks ’n snares, epic build-ups, wicked basslines and mystical melodic tunes. That’s the best way to describe the style of hard neuro-ish DnB producer duo SKIM&JDAM.
Based in The Netherlands, they mostly work on the dark side of drum’n bass. Always looking for ways to shout out the ups & downs of their lives, DnB music seem to be the answer. With releases on Nekrolog1k, Smackdown, Critical Bass, Noisj/Cemon Vita and Harder&Louder, they now proudly announce their “Split Personalities” EP on Future Sickness Records.

With other producers they like to do some side projects.
Collaborations with Voidstalker, SkullFuck3r and Animal Tag have result in several release on labels across Europe.